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Hidden Treasures of Japan

Hidden Treasures of Japan

15 Nights / 16 Days
From €6,680 | £6,050 | US$7,725 | AU$11,760 per person sharing

A tour created to capture the essence of Japan’s soul, beauty, and heritage

Immerse yourself in Japan’s ancient past and contrasting present. Visit some of its oldest and most magnificent temples and shrines. Enjoy the contrasting Naoshima Island, home to some of Japan’s most innovative and artistic architecture and design. Experience its religious roots first hand as you become acquainted with the monks of Koyasan. Glide through the stunning Iya Valley and Ritsurin Garden. The perfect tour for those in search of a richer travel experience.




Kobe (2 nights)

Embrace the chic vibrance of Kobe, a city made famous for the sumptuous, marbled Kobe Beef and Sake Distilleries. Join a private viewing of a renowned distillery with a chance to sample and buy the best of Japan’s sake produce. An inviting port city with an international heartbeat, Kobe blends cosmopolitan elegance with its vibrant streets and the maritime charm of its scenic harbour. Visit the colourful Nunobiki Herb Gardens, reached by ropeway on Mt. Rokka. As twilight descends, the illuminated Kobe Port Tower and Harborland’s vibrant nightlife beckon. Kobe beef dinner is a must!


Accommodation: Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel (Superior Western Style)

Tokushima, Shikoku (1 night)

Tokushima presents the enthralling Naruto whirlpools, where the forces of nature create a spectacular aquatic ballet. Dive into traditional craftsmanship with an Aizome indigo dyeing session, taking a piece of Japan’s artisanal culture home. Should your visit coincide with the Awa Odori Festival, held in August each year, prepare for a captivating spectacle of dance and revelry that epitomises Tokushima’s lively cultural scene.


Accommodation: Tokushima Clement Hotel (Standard Western Style)

Iya Valley, Shikoku (1 night)

Iya Onsen

Nestled in the hidden Iya Valley in Shikoku Island, after a long day traveling, relax and unwind in a unique onsen resort. The onsen water in this region is very famous for being soft quality with the characteristic of alkaline hot spring water.  Descend to the onsen open-air baths by cable car. Baths are not mixed so females/males bath separately. This is considered one of the best onsen experiences in the whole of Japan – overlooking the river with gushing water streaming by while you bath outside.

The Iya Valley’s steep mountain surroundings, holy atmosphere, and significance in Japanese history have caused the area to be known as ‘Tibet of Japan’.

During Awa Odori Festival Season (August tour), you will be given accommodation at the time of booking.


Accommodation: Hotel Iyaonsen (Superior Ryokan, Japanese Style)

Naoshima Island (2 nights)

Art and architecture converge on Naoshima Island, an enclave of creativity where contemporary public art displays stand in dialogue with the landscape. Galleries with exquisite art collections and public art installations resonate with the island’s scenic natural backdrop. Traverse the island’s unique art spaces, including the iconic Benesse House. Explore visionary spaces like the Chichu Art Museum and contemplate modernity at Yayoi Kusama’s iconic pumpkins.


Accommodation: Benesse Art-Site Naoshima (Boutique Western Style)

Kyoto (3 nights)

Kyoto, Japan’s sanctuary of culture, is where the past is ever-present. Experience Kintsugi, a traditional Japanese art form that transforms broken pottery into stunning works of art. Meet with Geisha over tea at a traditional tea house in Gion. Immerse yourself in the serene Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and appreciate the tranquillity of Zen gardens and the spirituality of ancient shrines. The city’s UNESCO-listed sites, such as the Silver Pavilion, reveal layers of Kyoto’s imperial legacy, inviting you to lose yourself in a cultural labyrinth that has charmed travellers for centuries.

Accommodation: The Chapter Hotel / Kanra Hotel (Boutique Western Style)

Mt Koya & Nara (1 night)

Venture to the revered peaks of Mount Koya for a soulful retreat into spiritual solace, with its temple lodgings and monastic rituals set amidst forested serenity. Engage in monastic practices with zazen meditation and/or calligraphy. In Nara, history breathes through the grandeur of Todai-ji and the gentle deer of Nara Park, ambassadors of a time when the city was the ancient capital.

Accommodation: Mt. Koya Temple Stay (Temple Stay, Japanese Style)

Ise & Mikimoto Island (2 nights)

In Ise, the sacred shrines of Ise stand as bastions of spiritual heritage, enveloped by ancient forests and traditions. The Grand Shrine is considered a symbol of Shinto purity and Japan’s spiritual foundation. On Mikimoto Pearl Island, discover the fascinating history of pearl cultivation and meet the remarkable Ama divers, whose age-old tradition captures the essence of Japan’s connection with the sea. A fascinating insight into Mikimoto Pearl’s history.

Accommodation: Toba International Hotel (Superior Japanese-Western Style)
OR Upgrade to Ise Amanemu (Super-Deluxe Western Style)

Tokyo (3 Nights)

Conclude your odyssey in Tokyo, where the pulse of modern Japan beats the loudest. Dive into the city’s eclectic neighbourhoods, from the fashion-for- ward streets of Harajuku and Shibuya to the tech mecca of Akihabara. Experience the contrast between the serene calm of the Imperial Palace Gardens or Hamarikyu Gardens and the electric neon buzz of Shinjuku or Ginza after dark. Tokyo, with its dynamic rhythm and boundless energy, offers a memorable finale to a journey that has traversed the breadth of Japan’s timeless allure and hidden treasures.

Accommodation: Hotel Allamanda Aoyama (Boutique Deluxe Western Style)

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Triple Room€6,240 £5,650US$7,220 AU$10,990
Single Room€8,885£8,050US$10,275AU$15,640









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June 28, 2024

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July 14, 2024
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July 12, 2024

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July 28, 2024
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August 08, 2024

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August 24, 2024
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November 06, 2024

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November 21, 2024
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Mar 05, 2025

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Mar 20, 2025
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June 07, 2025

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June 22, 2025
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August 10, 2025

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August 25, 2025
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September 02, 2025

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September 17, 2025
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November 08, 2025

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November 23, 2025
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March 28, 2026

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April 12, 2026
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Kobe City (2 nights)

Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel

(Superior Western Style)

Creating a memorable view in Kobe Port, this imposing hotel resembles a ship in the harbour, and is uniquely embraced by the ocean on three sides. Enjoy watching boats and yachts float past the hotel after their long voyage and admire views of the Kobe Port Tower and Kobe Maritime Museum. Each room in this luxurious hotel has a balcony, allowing guests to experience the salty sea air and sense of freedom out on the water. Savour the exceptional flavours of world-famous Kobe beef in the hotel’s steakhouse or relax in front of the sea views at the hotel’s buffet or Chinese restaurants. A stay here will provide unforgettable memories of the stunning sea views.  








Tokushima (1 Night)

Tokushima Clement Hotel

(Standard Western Style)

R Hotel Clement Tokushima, situated in a bustling terminal complex that includes a shopping area, offers a variety of guest rooms ranging from Western style to traditional Japanese tatami rooms and suites. Guests can unwind with some delicious Japanese roasted tea, enjoying modern conveniences in a relaxed setting. 


The hotel’s restaurant Aisai, guests can savour seasonal ingredients while gazing out at the tranquil Japanese garden. For authentic Chinese cuisine, Keiran provides exclusive set menus by reservation for lunch and dinner. Additionally, Sky Bar Kirameki on the top floor offers a wide range of wines, sakes, and international drinks, perfect for escaping the city’s hustle. Belle Vue invites guests to dine against the backdrop of panoramic city views from the sky floor, making it an ideal spot for a memorable meal. 

Iya Valley, Shikoku (1 Night)

Hotel Iyaonsen

(Superior Ryokan, Japanese Style)

Have an authentic experience of the beautiful Iya Valley in this stylish Japanese-style accommodation. Foggy mornings and glowing sunsets are revealed through floor-to-ceiling windows, giving the property a light and airy feel. The modern Japanese rooms have chic interiors and a range of stunning features with Ryukyu tatami and views of the gorge which cuts through the lush views of Shikoku. Observe the changing seasons from the hotel’s luxurious natural hot spring baths, or head out for a cycle on one of the bikesEnjoy delicious Japanese meals prepared with the freshest local ingredients. Sample the living forest with wild mountain vegetables, Genpei Imo potatoes and sweetly fragrant river fish Sudachi Ayu from the pristine Yoshino and Akui rivers, all served at their seasonal peak. Locally raised Tokushima brand beef, Awa-gyu is served Teppan-Yaki style to fully bring out the flavours. Pair wine or local sake from Miyoshi to create a synergy of good food and drink. In addition to the Western and Japanese breakfast sets, there is also a breakfast buffet. The peaceful energy of Iya Valley will make it hard to leave.  

Naoshima (2 nights)

Benesse Art-Site Naoshima

(Boutique Western Style)

y far one of the most unique hotels in Japan, Benesse House is set on Naoshima Art Island and provides guests with the incredible opportunity to stay in an art museum. Opened in 1992 and designed by the renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando, the hotel is nestled amidst the serene landscapes of the island. The contemporary space seamlessly integrates artworks with architecture, inviting guests to live among masterpieces 

The facility is divided into four sections: Museum, Oval, Park, and Beach, each offering distinctive accommodations with a focus on art. Guests staying at Benesse House can also explore the island’s various installations and exhibits, including the famous pumpkin sculptures by Yayoi Kusama. The site provides not only luxury accommodations but also enriching cultural experiences that highlight the harmonious blend of nature, art, and architecture. In the evenings, indulge in a delicious French or Japanese dinner in their restaurants, to experience prime local ingredients and stunning views of the sea. 

Kyoto (3 nights)

The Chapter Hotel / Kanra Hotel

(Boutique Western Style)

Experience the essence of Kyoto at KANRA, a hotel that embodies the beauty, wisdom, and hospitality of Japan. The name KANRA is inspired by the spirit of its location, reflecting traditional Kyoto craftsmanship by using natural materials. The design cleverly modernises the classic “Machiya” style, combining wood, stone, iron, and vibrant green accents to create a contemporary, yet thoroughly Japanese interior. The stunning hotel makes for a perfect retreat after a long day of exploring captivating Kyoto.  

 For a memorable meal, indulge in culinary delights at the TeppanHANAROKU restaurant which offers exquisite Wagyu beef paired with specially selected sake from Kyoto’s boutique breweries. Alternatively, at The Kitchen Kanra, enjoy artisanal pizzas fired in an authentic kiln. For a serene escape, visit the SPA Sanctuary, where treatments are inspired by traditional Asian remedies and naturopathy, designed to alleviate jet lag and restore balance, enriching the senses and providing a truly relaxing experience. 

Mt Koya (Koyasan) - Temple Stay (1 night)

Your overnight in Koyasan will be your first real introduction to Japanese Buddhism and spirituality. You will live like a monk for one night: sleeping on futon tatami mats, staying in traditional accommodation in a real temple, and enjoying the vegetarian masterpieces presented to you for breakfast and dinner. Embrace this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ise (2 nights)

Toba International Hotel – Two nights stay in a luxurious 4 star hotel located right on the water with harbour and island views from your room.

Toba International Hotel is a luxurious nature resort hotel overlooking the bay, offering peace and tranquility in one of Japan’s hidden gem locations. Just a short distance from Mikimoto Island, Toba Aquarium and the Ise Shrine, this hotel is the perfect spot for exploring the magic of the area. Rooms are bright and modern, with stunning views over the natural wonders of the harbour. A selection of restaurants serves up fantastic Japanese or French dishes, while the stylish Club Lounge provides the perfect place to unwind and socialise. Top off a luxurious stay here with a soak in the hotel’s hot spring baths, for a truly rejuvenating experience.  

Tokyo (3 nights)

Hotel Allamanda Aoyama

(Boutique Deluxe Western Style)

A charming five-star boutique hotel located right in the heart of Tokyo, The Hotel Allamanda Aoyama is a stylish property which fuses classic elegance with contemporary comforts to create a perfect place to stay in this frenetic cosmopolitan city. Designed to capture the spirit of the upmarket Aoyama area, the hotel is just a minute’s walk from the Ginza line. The thirty rooms of The Allamanda are thoughtfully decorated to merge beauty and space, providing more room than is common in Tokyo hotelsIn your free time, take a dip in the hotel’s indoor pool or unwind in the sauna. To finish off a perfect day spent exploring Tokyo, visit the hotel’s dedicated tempura restaurant to indulge in delicious crispy dishes, starring seafood and vegetables personally selected by the head chef at Tsukiji Market. Tempura is a rich part of Tokyo’s culinary heritage and is not to be missed on your trip! 

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Whats Included


Twin/Double Sharing: €6,680   |    £6,050   |    US$7,725    |   AU$11,760

*If you are willing to be paired up with another solo traveller, enquire with your travel consultant. While we cannot guarantee this option, we will do our best to find you a suitable roommate.

All prices are per person and are subject to change at the discretion of the company.


15 Nights Total

  • 11 Nights combination of Boutique, Superior & Deluxe Western Hotels
  • 3 Nights Ryokan (Japanese style)
  • 1 Night Temple Stay (Japanese style)
English Speaking tour leaderFully Escorted (Groups of 6 – 12):

You will be escorted by our friendly English- speaking tour leader who will travel with you from Day 1 to 12.

Semi-Escorted (Groups of 1 – 5):

The same tour leader will not travel with you from place to place. Instead, you will have local guides and assistants meeting you along the way.

Airport TransfersTransfer from Kansai International Airport to Kobe hotel.

Transfer from your Tokyo hotel to Haneda or Narita Airport.

Private Tour GuidesLocal English-speaking tour guides in Kobe, Tokushima & Iya Valley, Naoshima, Kyoto, Koyasan, Ise, & Tokyo
Entrance Fees
Included in all sights listed on the itinerary
Cultural ExperiencesKobe Beef Welcome Dinner, Kobe Sightseeing (Herb Rose Garden & Sake Distillery), Indigo Dying Workshop Participation, View Naruto Whirlpools Natural Phenomena, Iya Valley Boat Ride, Ritsurin Japanese Garden visit, Naoshima Art Island Museums, Stay in Benesse Art-Site Naoshima, Himeiji Castle Visit, Kyoto World Heritage Temples & Shrines on Guided Tour, Afternoon Tea with Kyoto Geisha/Maiko, Kintsugi Master Workshop Kyoto, Koyasan Temple Stay, Calligraphy and/or Meditation with Buddhist Monks, Mikimoto Pearl Island Visit & Ama Divers Demonstration, Visit Grand Ise Shinto Shrine, Overnight Stays in a Luxurious Traditional Ryokan with Kaiseki Dinner and Onsen, Tokyo Sightseeing (by day and night).


Seasonal Events / Festivals: 

Cherry Blossom Viewing (March), Koyasan Festival (June), Awa Odori Dance Festival (August)*, Koyasan Candle Festival (August), Live Sumo Wrestling Tournament (September), Autumn Leaf Colours (November)


MealsBreakfast daily, 2 lunches, 7 evening meals

Other Inclusions:
  • Comprehensive Travel Pack
  • Local Emergency Contact
  • Financial Protection
  • Luggage Courier Service (2 times / Allowance of 1 bag per person)
  • All Taxes & Accommodation Surcharges
This package dose not include:
  • International Flights
  • Meals other than those specified in the itinerary
  • Beverages consumed at any meal (Water served freely)
  • Baggage Handling (You are requested to carry your bags)
  • Tour Leader, Guide Or Driver Gratuity – can be arranged among your group (Optional)




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