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Our Story

Unique Japan Tours is a global Japan travel specialist company, registered with Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) and a member of Total Payment Protection (TOPP) Policy . Our Managing Director, Darina Slattery, is an Alumni of University of Ulster and the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, University College Dublin. She holds an MA in International Marketing and a BA in Business with Japanese. After studying in Japan, Darina developed an expertise in Japanese culture, language and traditions. She has lived and traveled extensively throughout Japan. Darina has forged strong cultural relationships and is the current Chairperson of the Ireland Japan Association.

Combining both theory and practice, Darina created Unique Japan Tours. She has built an international diverse team around her. Their sole purpose is to help you enjoy the attractive, mysterious and adventurous destination that is Japan.

Darina and her team have spent the past twenty years researching and designing exciting adventurous routes throughout Japan. The itineraries are personally designed to embrace Japan’s highlights as well as some hidden gems. The company’s head office is based in Dublin with another office in Tokyo.

Our Crew

We have a long list of others who help us all across Japan (local guides, drivers, assistants at the airport, and so on). Each one of these individuals contribute to making each and every tour unique and personal in its own way. Our wonderful team of local Japanese staff are what make our tours so unique. They bring expert knowledge and a lovely friendly approach to touring Japan. We hope you get to know our team well, while you enjoy your trip with us!

  • Darina Slattery
    Managing Director
    Darina Slattery
    Managing Director

    Darina first went to Japan in 1998 as part of a university exchange programme (Business Studies with Japanese). She spent a number of years studying all things Japanese until she moved back to Ireland in 2003. On her return, she spent a further year doing an MBS in International Marketing at the Smurfit Graduate School of Business, where she researched the idea of specialising in two markets; Japan and Ireland. While in Japan she spent considerable time traveling around, whilst also working full-time, her passion for Japan has continued and she takes regular trips to Japan to keep in touch with her contacts for both business and pleasure. Darina enjoys horse riding, skiing, hiking, dancing, adventure traveling and working!

  • Karen Abe
    Japan Travel Specialist
    Karen Abe
    Japan Travel Specialist

    Karen joined UJT in January 2016 and has not looked back! Fortunately, she adds a wonderful mix of Irish and Japanese to our team so is a true professional on both sides. Karen has spent many years in both countries so understands each others cultures and travel styles therefore able to put together the perfect itineraries for all types of requests. 

  • Michiko Ishimoto
    Japan Travel Specialist
    Michiko Ishimoto
    Japan Travel Specialist

    Michiko has been in the travel industry for many years mainly working in Japan as a tour guide. More recently, she joined our team as senior travel consultant, looking after the UK and European markets. Her knowledge on getting around Japan, finding the best routes to send people, and awarding great offers to clients, is second to none. Originally from Osaka, her Kansai-ben (accent) always adds a bit of colour to our office!

  • Tomohiko Moritani
    Japan/Ireland Tour Guide
    Tomohiko Moritani
    Japan/Ireland Tour Guide

    Tomo's passion for Ireland began as a result of playing football. He arrived to Ireland from Japan in 2012 to, like many Japanese people, improve his English, and has been here since. He then found the perfect solution for his free time - teaching soccer to Irish kids!! While he still enjoys doing this, his main job is to lead our tours both in Ireland and Japan.  Be warned, if you ever have the pleasure of joining one of his tours, don't be surprised if he breaks out in a song! A gentle type but full of quirky surprises!! 

  • Kumiko Breen
    Japan Travel Specialist
    Kumiko Breen
    Japan Travel Specialist

    Kumiko has been with Unique Japan Tours since the early days. She joined us in 2008 when we were a mere yearling! She helps design fabulous tours, prepares our detailed travel packs, and is our technical genius for the most part! Originally from Himeji, Kumi has settled in well to life in Ireland.

Our Promise

The core values of our company are customer service and customer safety.

We promise to provide first class customer service in assisting you to choose one of our small group or self-guided tours or design a tailor-made tour to match your dreams. When you contact our company your personal travel consultant will be appointed to manage your travel plans.

We promise while you are in Japan that your safety is our number one priority. In the unlikely event of an emergency, or should something of an unforeseen nature occur, our local staff will respond to your every need. This 24/7 customer support will deal with anything from lost luggage to rescheduling itineraries.

We promise that our private guides will assist you in exploring the treats that Japan has in store. Our knowledge and in-depth experience will ensure you are exposed to the wide and diverse culture of Japan. This will make choosing Unique Japan Tours a memorable lifetime experience.


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