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4 Michinoku Yosakoi Festival (Sendai)

Top 10 Cultural Festivals in Japan

1) Takayama Spring / Autumn Festival Held twice a year in April & October Takayama Festival in Gifu is set in the Japanese Alps and is one of Japan’s most beautiful festivals. The surrounding mountains Hida Takayama are the backdrop to two festivals at different shrines, one in spring and autumn. The springtime Sanno Festival […]

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Himeji, Japan at Himeji Castle in spring season.

Japan Entry Guidelines

JAPAN IS OPEN Updated Feb 14th 2023   Japan is fully open for entry and its border control measures have largely returned to pre-pandemic policies. In other words, just like it was before March 2020, passport holders from the UK, the majority of Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can take advantage of […]

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Samurai heritage in the village of Kakunodate!

Over the last number of years, international tourism has seen a trend towards people seeking out new “hidden gem” destinations that are slightly off the well beaten paths of the traditional tourist trails. This process has been accelerated with the pandemic as international tourists are seeking destinations that offer more authentic experiences and a more […]

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Top 10 Onsen in Japan

The flow of hot water from volcanic sources brings about the cultural and ethereal experience of bathing in nature. Hot springs come in a variety of sizes, can be rotemburo (open air with sky views) and uchiburo (indoor baths). 3,000 areas and 27,000 facilities make this an authentic way to connect with the traditions of a nation. Take time to recharge, connecting body and soul with this ritual and […]

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Top 10 Family Days Out

1) KidZania  KidZania began in Mexico City with a mission to give “Kidz” under 14 a chance to build a more ideal world. Here in Japan, Kidzania is a city built to scale complete with buildings, shops, paved streets, and vehicles that look like everyday workplaces in Japan. Kids can feel grown up, learn how society works, and have fun. They can choose from 100 careers and get paid for […]

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Top 10 Islands to Visit in Japan

1) Amami Oshima Amami Oshima is a tropical island paradise and one of the largest elevated coralline islands in Kagoshima prefecture, close to Yoron yet on a bigger scale. The colourful coral is contained in cobalt seas which surround the dramatic coastlines and lush tropical forests, home to the native Amami rabbit and jay.  In […]

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Japan Finally Reopens for Tourism With Restriction!

It’s official — Japan has finally announced that it would allow visa-free entry to independent tourists, removing the daily cap on arrivals from October 11 onwards, after almost two-and-a-half years of stringent restrictions imposed during the pandemic. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida made the announcement on Thursday in New York while attending the UN General Assembly. […]

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🎌 Japan has reopened for Tourism!! 🎌

We are thrilled to announce that Japan will be reopening to tourists starting June 10th, ending a two-year pandemic closure. On Thursday May 26th Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said “We will resume accepting tourists on package tours with guides from the 10th of next month. Step by step we will aim to accept (tourists) as we […]

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