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Honeymoon Package Special – 2 FREE nights in Tokyo

Traditional & Tropical Japan, one of our most popular 15 Day trips in Japan is now on offer!!!

Book your Honeymoon by February 14th, 2018, get 2 FREE night’s stay in Tokyo* either at the start or end of your trip. This is worth up to €500 per couple!

Honeymoon Deal Feb 14th 2018

Need more information? Contact one of our team and we will be happy to call you back or email.

How to book:

  • Pay your booking deposit online (€250 per person).
  • One of our team will be in touch with payment receipt and more details.
  • Final Balance Due 8 weeks prior to your start date

Offer Ends 14th June 2018. Make this valentines day that bit extra special! 😉

*These 2 free nights hotels are chosen by Unique Japan Tours. We aim to use the same hotel as our tour but cannot guarantee this.


  • Traditional & Tropical Japan Self Guided Adventures
  • Takayama Festival
  • Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park
  • Hakone lake ashi Mt. Fuji
  • japan_matsumoto_castle_in_matsumoto_city_nagano_japan_h1
  • tsumago_japan_-_november_19_2015_scenic_traditional_post_town_in_japan_from_edo_period._famous_nakasendo_trail_goes_between_magome_and_tsumago_towns_0
  • takayama_japan_-_april_14_a_japanese_float_is_being_prepared_for_takayama_spring_festival_on_april_14_2012._takayama_festival_is_considered_one_of_the_three_most_beautiful_festivals_in_japan
  • kyoto_-_jan_11_unidentified_geisha_participates_on_a_traditional_new_year_ceremony_held_on_january_11_2010_in_gion_district_kyoto_japan_.the_ceremony_takes_in_an_ancient_shinto_temple
  • yasaka_pagoda_and_sannen_zaka_street_in_the_morning_kyoto_japan_h1_0
  • kyoto_japan_-_nov_23_2012_traditional_tourist_boat_pass_on_the_emerald_color_katsura_river_along_the_beautiful_autumn_leaves_in_the_cold_tone_arashiyama_kyoto_japan
  • Japan_Tokyo_Tour_Traditional_wood_house-1
  • m_180899
  • Amami_beach
  • Unique Japan Tours Amamai Ooshima Island Hotel View
  • Unique Japan Tours Amami beach view
  • tokyo_-_december_6_shinkansen_bullet_train_at_tokyo_railway_station_in_december_6_2014_tokyo_japan._the_tokaido_shinkansen_operate_between_tokyo_and_osaka_and_stop_at_yokohama_nagoya_kyoto
  • tokyo_akihabara_district
  • japantokyojapanviewofshibuyacrossing
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