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Japan’s new Fast Track App for Inbound International Travellers

Japan’s new Fast Track App for Inbound International Travellers

Japan have eliminated the requirement to quarantine post arrival for those persons who are triple vaccinated (double in the case of the J&J Jansen vaccine) and who have passed a PCR test within 72 hours of departure (unless they are traveling from a designated country of high risk). In order to process the verification of the covid vaccination certificates and PCR test results more efficiently at the airport, a new “fast track” app that streamlines some of the Covid 19 related procedures that are required when entering Japan.

The relevant form must be submitted to the app at least 16 hours before the flights scheduled arrival time in Japan. The app can then display a red screen, yellow screen or green screen which you show to border control agents to help them quickly process your entry. Red indicate that the app was not used, yellow indicates that the vaccination certificate was verified but not yet the recent PCR test result and green that both of these things have been verified already. The app handles personal information securely and largely follows the confidentiality requirements of the EU’s GDPR standard.

For those who do not having either a valid Covid 19 Vaccination certificate and/or a valid negative PCR test taken within the appropriate timeline, you will be required to quarantine at either a government facility or your hotel depending on your case and during this time, the same app will be used to track your location during the quarantine period and allow you to report covid symptoms should the appear. The quarantine period will end after three days upon getting a negative PCR test result.

You can download the app for android or apple smartphones from the following link:



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