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Tohoku Trails - 04.02.2021 - Social media

‘Tohoku Trails’ Online Travel Talk

‘Tohoku Trails’ Travel Talk Rewatch one of our most popular online travel talks below where our team of Experts in Japan Travel discusses our brand new Tohoku Trails small group tour.   Panelists: Guest Speaker: Yohei Sato, Unique Japan Tours Yohei Sato comes from Fukushima prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan. He has several […]

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Screenshot 2020-12-04 at 14.57.10

‘Taste Japan’ Online Travel Talk

‘Taste Japan’ Travel Talk Thursday, 10th of December, 2020 Thanks 6th zoom webinar of the year. This webinar introduced you to some experts in different aspects of Japanese food and dining experiences in Japan. You will learned about different aspects of affordable and higher-end Japanese cuisine and hopefully, pick up some practical knowledge about how […]

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Gardens & Galleries Flyer, Square

‘Gardens & Galleries’ Online Travel Talk

‘Gardens & Galleries’ Travel Talk Friday, 20 November, 2020 @ 10.00 Dublin/London [GMT+1]   Thank you for all those who joined our 5th zoom webinar of the year. For those who want to rewatch or for those who missed the webinar but wanted to attend, the videos of each speaker are embedded below. This webinar […]

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Magical Winter in Hokkaido - Social Media (450x450px)

‘Magical Winter Hokkaido’ Travel Talk

‘Magical Winter Hokkaido’ Travel Talk Thursday, 22 October, 2020 @ 11.00 Dublin/London [GMT+1] Duration: 1-Hour Our team at Unique Japan Tours is delighted to conduct their 4th Webinar of the season, with special guest speakers from Hokkaido in Japan. This webinar will give you a real insight into the incredible beauty and magical winter wonderland […]

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Japanese Rock Garden650

Japanese Gardens: Development through the Ages

Japanese gardens are renowned the world over for their beauty, intricacy, and depth of meaning. The construction of gardens became an important cultural art form in and of itself and is a great source of national pride of Japanese people and a great source of enjoyment for all who visit Japan. Like any art form, the […]

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Visit Japan Travel & MICE Mart 2017 (650)

Japan Inbound Tourism Figures Booming!

Unique Japan Tours Managing Director Darina Slattery is currently attending the annual Visit Japan Travel and MICE Mart 2017 and is actively seeking new ideas & inspiration for our upcoming new 2018/2019 tour brochure. After day two of the huge trade show, the headline news was centred around the inbound tourism figures to Japan, which is […]

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UJT RWC 19 Ticketing Kick-off

Rugby in Japan 2019 – Ticket Registration Kick-Off!

With now less than 2 years until Japan’s biggest Rugby tournament takes place, the official registration for tickets is well under way. This tournament is going to be an experience of a lifetime for all those who make the trip, as can be attested by those lucky fans who traveled for the unforgettable 2002 Soccer World Cup in […]

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kenrokuen_9 (650)

Three Great Gardens of Japan!

In Japan, there is a culture of listing things as “the three famous ____ of Japan”. These range from the “three famous views” to the “three famous onsens” or even the “three great festivals”. There is no particular order within the list other than to say they are the “top three in Japan”. One of […]

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