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Journey to the East - 1080x1080

Journey to the East Travel Talk

Join us live for our upcoming travel talking on ‘Journey to the East’. Thursday 3rd of June, 2021 at 10.00 (London/Dublin) / 19.00 (Tokyo) Pre-Registration is essential. Click to register now.  Join us live for our upcoming live ‘Journey to the East’ Online Travel Talk. This webinar will run through the itinerary of one of […]

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Traditional & Tropical Japan - 1080x1080

Traditional & Tropical Japan – Travel Talk

Andrew and Mizuki run through the unique destinations and experiences that may await you on the Traditional and Tropical Japan small group tour. Andrew and Mizuki-San were joined by John from Amami Ooshima who discussed what the food, drink, music and culture on the tropical island he calls home. John has lived in Japan for […]

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Gardens & Galleries of Japan - 1080x1080

Gardens & Galleries of Japan – Travel Talk

Andrew and Tomo outlined our ‘Gardens & Galleries of Japan’ small group tour. The tour is a once-in-a-lifetime tour taking you to the best Japanese Gardens and Award-Winning Art Galleries. Experience the incredible beauty of these gardens but also the stunning natural landscapes that inform their design. Our Japanese garden experts will accompany you throughout […]

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Hidden Treasures of Japan - 1080x1080

‘Hidden Treasures of Japan’ Travel Webinar

For those who missed it live, here’s a recording of our online travel webinar outlining our ‘Hidden Treasures of Japan’ small group tour. This tour features many off-the-beaten-path locations, focuses on showcasing fabulous art and architecture, providing many unique cultural experiences, and was created to capture the essence of Japan’s soul, beauty, and heritage. For […]

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Shirakami Sanchi.. an ancient forest untouched by the ages 

Welcome to Japan’s first UNESCO world heritage site! The Shirakami Sanchi is thought to be the forests of gods. The mountainous area stretches over 130,000 hectares (501 square miles) across Aomori and Akita prefectures in the northern Tohoku Region of Japan. In December 1993, it became the first Japanese World Heritage Site along Yakushima in Kagoshima prefecture. There […]

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Tohoku Trails - 04.02.2021 - Social media

‘Ancient Trails of Japan’ Travel Webinar

Below is a recording of our online travel webinar outlining the experiences and destination highlights you can expect to experience on our “Ancient Trails of Japan” small group tour. For more information on dates, prices and availability, and of course to secure a place on this tour, please click here.

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kenrokuen_9 (650)

Three Great Gardens of Japan!

In Japan, there is a culture of listing things as “the three famous ____ of Japan”. These range from the “three famous views” to the “three famous onsens” or even the “three great festivals”. There is no particular order within the list other than to say they are the “top three in Japan”. One of […]

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