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Covid Recovery ‘Journey to Japan – Book Now for FREE’!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Dear Guests,

The summer months have been increasingly busy for us in terms of inbound enquiries with lots of people interested in making plans for 2022.

The Japanese government aims to complete the full vaccination of all those eligible and willing to get vaccinated by early November (Source*https://english.kyodonews.net/) and have announced they will launch Digital Vaccine Certs in mid-December. Vaccine certs are intended for outbound international travel from Japan and no decisions have been finalised yet regarding domestic use of digital vaccine certs. The Japan Business Federation, Keidanren are lobbying the government aggressively to lift blanket travel restrictions that are hindering Japan’s economic recovery.

As vaccine programmes are being rolled out across the world, most people are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel looking to dust off their passport. We anticipate international travel to Japan in early 2022 and will update this page as soon as we learn more.

Our amazing small group tour dates are ready to book, with no financial risk to our guests. For a limited time only, we are offering ‘deposit-free’ provisional bookings on any small group or self-guided tour for 2022 and 2023.

As soon as Japan reopens for tourism, you will be asked to pay the usual booking deposit with normal T&C’s applying. There are limited places available on these tours so provisional bookings are highly recommended. See Q&A below to find out if a a self-guided or small group tour is right for you.

Genuine reasons to book your trip now:

  • Hotel availability is getting tight especially in peak seasons such as Cherry Blossom, Ski Season Autumn leaves and Festival dates, and including national holidays in particular as we consider 126 million Japanese people are holidaying domestically!
  • Hotel prices are increasing so if you book your trip now, your price is fixed!
  • All of our tour prices will be reviewed and will most likely increase in 2022 Q1. Again, if you provisionally book now, your price is fixed.

New & Improved Covid-Cover: 

  • No deposit required until Japan opens borders to international travel (effective from May 28, 2021 until further notice)
  • Free Date Change (if covid is a problem)
  • Full refund if your tour is canceled, or a travel ban is in place due to Covid-19.
  • New Safety Measures on all our tours (complying with Japanese Covid guidelines)

Travel Period: 2022 & 2023 (When Japan opens its borders to international visitors, we will be ready to send you!)

Tour Types: All Tours [Self-Guided or Small Group].

How to Book?

Fill out this form / Choose ‘Pay Later’ Option at the bottom.

*For any bespoke or tailor-made tour plans, normal deposit is required with the above Covid Cover in place.

I hope you join us on our Covid Recovery Journey to Japan.DarinainCapri3

I’d like to thank all of our guests who are currently waiting to travel with us. We cannot wait to get back in the air and have our team meet you in Japan. We’ve all had a long long break. Hang in there. We will travel soon!

Darina Slattery

Managing Director

Unique Japan Tours


Useful Q&A’s

Q: What will happen if I book my tour to a date when travel restrictions are still not lifted?

A: If you have booked with us after July 01, 2020, and travel restrictions remain in place 2 months before you are due to travel, you will be advised the following:

  • [A] Consider postponing your trip to a later date (deposit will be forfeited to this date), or
  • [B] Cancel your tour and get a full refund.

Q: If you (UJT) cancel our tour, what will happen?

A: Decisions to run tours to Japan will be made at least 2 months prior to the departure date. If any changes occur outside our control, within these 8 weeks, that make the tour non-operational, we will inform you immediately with options given at the time. This decision will be made to protect our clients from any health & safety risks. Your options will be to postpone your tour for free or receive a full refund if you prefer not to travel later.

We only cancel tours if:

  • Our hotels and transport companies are unable to provide their services
  • The Japanese Government advises us to stop running tours
  • All flights in and out of Japan are cancelled

We would not cancel tours if:

  • One or some attractions are closed, but the majority of the tour can run unaffected
  • Some flights are cancelled
  • Some foreign governments recommend against their citizens traveling

Participants who made their original booking with us prior to May 2020 are not entitled to any changes to our terms and conditions which were amended as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. Unique Japan Tours would not be liable for any other items or costs incurred such as airfares or seasonal supplements for your new dates.

Q: What will happen if my flight to Japan gets cancelled?

A: Unfortunately, Unique Japan Tours cannot be liable for flights getting cancelled. However we will do our best to facilitate changes that are out of your control and negotiate with all suppliers in Japan on your behalf. If you have booked your tour that includes a flight as part of a package, we will then handle all changes without fees. If you have booked your flight yourself we recommend you to do the following:

  • Contact your airline to re-book a new date. We will re-book your tour applying your new dates (subject to seasonal supplements)
  • If the airline is no longer operating to Japan, request your refund (airlines are legally obliged to refund you in this case), and book a new flight. We will be able to help you with this.

Q: If there are no travel restrictions in place, but we still don’t feel like traveling to Japan due to Covid-19 concerns, where do we stand?

A: As soon as travel restrictions are lifted, our team are coming back to full time operations. This means we will be putting all of our energies and time into making your trip to Japan amazing! So unfortunately, if you change your mind, and prefer not to travel at all, you will be subject to our normal cancellation terms and conditions. However, each case will be looked at individually and an option to move your date will be considered at no extra cost (if done before 8 weeks of your tour start date).

Q: How much is my deposit?

A: All deposits are €400  | £350 | US$500 | AU$600 per person.

If an official government travel ban is in place 60 days prior to your due start date, you can choose to move your deposit to a future date, or receive a refund of your deposit. All services will be cancelled without penalty. Written confirmation to cancel or receive refund is required. Email your travel consultant or to our central email: info@uniquejapantours.com. Telephone calls are not recorded therefore we need any changes to your booking in writing.

Q: If I pay my deposit now, when do I have to pay my balance?

A: 60 days prior to your departure date.

Q: After I pay my full balance, will your regular cancellation charges apply?

A: If travel into Japan has resumed as normal by the time you are due to travel, then yes. Full payments are due 60 days prior. If a travel ban is in place at this time (i.e. 60 days prior to your travel date), we will be recommending you change your dates. We will not take your payment if a travel ban is in place at that time. Our new cancellation charges will apply. However, if restrictions are in place, you will be given the option to move your booking credit to another tour/date.

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