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Music Festivals: Issue #1

Festivals in Japan: Summer Festivals: Music Festivals: Issue #1: Fuji Rock, Summer Sonic and Greenroom Festivals are synonymous with summer in Japan, often involving traditional dancing or spectacular fireworks and other wondrous festivities! In the last ten plus years, Japan has been also hosting and creating amazing summer music festivals to rival the best of ‘em. So what’s […]

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Samurai Postal Routes: Gokaido and Tokaido

In 1601, soon after he came into power, the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu started to build five routes connecting the capital of Edo (modern day Tokyo), with the other provinces. These routes were essential for the success of the Sankin-Kotai system, where lords would have to alternate years of living in Edo with their home provinces. […]

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Autumn in Japan

Autumn in Japan

After the heat of the summer months, autumn offers a welcome respite to the Japanese. There are a few popular axioms, shokuyoku no aki, dokusho no aki and finally supotsu no aki. They basically mean autumn is for eating, reading and exercise respectively. Autumn leaves at Nanzen-ji Kyoto.Source: https://flic.kr/p/dyVJ1W Why would you go to Japan in […]

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Interactive Tokyo Map: The Best Tokyo Sightseeing Spots

     Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the largest metropolises in the world. If you’re visiting Japan, you’re likely to fly into this magnificent city. We often recommend to our clients that they spend a few days in Tokyo, and explore the city as much as possible. There’s so many places to […]

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Japan Discovered: The Ultimate Introduction to Japan

     We run a small group tour called Japan Discovered, and it really is a great way to discover what Japan is all about. You will experience everything you could hope to experience on this tour: from the neon lights of the big city, to the serenity of the mountainous countryside, to the peaceful sense […]

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Reasons to Honeymoon in Japan

      We’ve talked a lot recently about honeymoons in Japan. We told our story of how we helped a friend, Mary, organise her dream honeymoon to Japan. We’ve highlighted romantic activities in Tokyo. We’ve talked about the tropical Amami Oshima, an underrated paradise. We also talked about the illuminations that dominate Japan in winter, illuminations […]

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