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Friday Roundup: March 20, 2015

Welcome to the third edition of the Unique Japan Tours Friday Round Up. The purpose of this post is to collect in one place the best things we’ve shared on social media during the week. Follow us on Twitter,FacebookGoogle+ and Instagram to get great Japan content from around the web we think is worth reading!
This week’s postings have mostly been concerned about two things: cherry blossoms and the opening of the new shinkansen line between Tokyo and Kanazawa. This has included articles about the shinkansen itself or talking about Kanazawa.

Kanazawa, Japan: The bullet train is opening up the country’s Edo heritage http://t.co/sZc5JoF6Je #japan #kanazawa pic.twitter.com/G0IOThYxRc
— Unique Japan Tours (@toursofjapan) March 14, 2015

New Japan bullet train links Tokyo with ancient Kanazawa – Hokuriku Shinkansen: http://t.co/viRP1BsmIi
— Unique Japan Tours (@toursofjapan) March 17, 2015

We also shared some great articles with lots of pictures, old and new, of cherry blossoms from around Japan.

Some great cherry blossom pictures here: 10 Incredible Phenomena You Have to See in Spring http://t.co/wOkZ5xyRlZ pic.twitter.com/GFIrAAPJcC
— Unique Japan Tours (@toursofjapan) March 19, 2015

Photos: Japan’s Cherry Blossoms in Years Gone By http://t.co/PIr6wGspE4 pic.twitter.com/G6TL0DWsu9
— Unique Japan Tours (@toursofjapan) March 19, 2015

Of course, we got in on the action of posting cherry blossom pictures too. This is one of our favourite pictures of Matsumoto castle, bathed in cherry blossoms.

So, there you go, the highlights from our social media posts this week. Which one is your favourite? Have anything we could share next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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