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Japan Entry Guidelines

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Updated Feb 14th 2023


Japan is fully open for entry and its border control measures have largely returned to pre-pandemic policies. In other words, just like it was before March 2020, passport holders from the UK, the majority of Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can take advantage of Japan’s 90-day visa-free short-term visit arrangements.

There was no need for arrival-day self-isolation or testing for travelers from these 98 countries or regions that is deemed to be low risk. There are no requirements to download tracing apps.

Check here for official up to date border measures/entry requirements.


What are the requirements for visiting Japan, and how do visas work?

From October 11th, 2022, visitors from the majority of nations can enter Japan without a visa. Tourists only need to meet the following requirements to enter Japan:

* Return a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure, OR provide a valid Covid-19 certificate proving they have received at least three doses of the required vaccines (the certificate must be uploaded onto Visit Japan Web).

* Preregistration on Visit Japan Web is optional but highly advised to upload PCR/Vaccine-related and arrival information for fast-track entry into Japan. Having travel insurance that covers sickness-related medical costs and disruptions is optional but advised.

* Regardless of immunization status, passengers arriving on direct flights from China (including Macau but excluding Hong Kong) must submit a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure. Similar to this, everyone entering Japan who has visited China (including Macau but excluding Hong Kong) during the last seven days will be required to take a mandatory Covid-19 test. If the test is positive, they will have to stay in a designated facility for quarantine.

Visit the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) website for more details about entering Japan.


Are Vaccinations Necessary to Enter Japan?

There is no requirement to be vaccinated to enter Japan. However, if you are triple vaccinated, you will not need to do a pre-departure Covid test. Children (under the age of 18) do not need to have vaccination certificates and nor will they need have negative Covid test results if they are travelling with parents or guardians who have been vaccinated and have vaccination certificates.


What covid prevention measures are still in place in Japan?

The government currently recommends that masks be worn indoors to prevent coronavirus infections but it plans to suggest that people make their own decisions when it recategorizes the coronavirus into the same group as seasonal influenza on May 8.

It is expected that wearing masks on trains and other public transport will return to being a personal choice from March 13th, though many Japanese people will likely continue to wear masks in crowded areas regardless of the government recommendations.


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