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Visiting Japan – New Entry Guidelines

Japan reopened to international travellers for tourism on June 10th, 2022, with some restrictions (must be part of a guided tour by approved travel operator in Japan). Unique Japan Tours (UJT Services G.K.) are an approved travel operator in Japan.


The following is a summary of the guidelines* all approved agents must follow:


*Guidelines are being amended and updated regularly by the Japanese Government. We will update our guidelines according to the information we receive. If you plan to travel to Japan between July 1 – September 30 2022, it would be wise to consider all below guidelines.


1. Tour Planning

  • Itineraries must be prearranged and booked by your agent.
  • Make sure the country you are travelling from (within 14 days of entry to Japan) is on the “Blue List” .
  • Guests must be accompanied by a tour leader from entry to departure.
  • Guests must apply for a tourist/entry visa at nearest Japanese Consulate General. Find out what documents you need and how long this process will take.  Most embassies are looking for the following information:
    • Visa Application Form (ask your Japanese Consular)
    • Passport & Passport photo (make sure your passport is valid for up to 6 months)
    • ERFS Certificate (Entries, Returnees, Follow-Up System) – issued by UJT Services G.K./Unique Japan Tours (see below)

2. ERFS Certificates

In order for us to issue your ERFS Certificate, the following must be fully completed:

  • Decide your Bespoke Private Journey or Small Group Tour
  • Agree to our Terms & Conditions
  • Take out adequate Travel Insurance (see below section 3) – Send policy to us by email
  • Book your flight – Send E-tickets to us by email
  • Scan or take photo of your passports – Send Copy to us by email
  • Trip must be paid in full prior to issuing any ERFS

Allow up to 4 working days for an ERFS Certificate to be issued.


*Once we issue your ERFS, you are responsible for obtaining your own visa. It is important you do this on time and make sure you have enough time to process all necessary steps. See Clause 15 on our terms and conditions. 

2. Reservation Conditions

  • Book your COVID-TEST (all nationalities). Results needed with 72 of arrival into Japan. Test centres must fill out this form to enter Japan. Make sure your test centre agrees to fill out the form. Approved Covid Tests can be seen here. Antigen/anti body/rapid antigen are not allowed.
  • Prior to joining our tour, you must agree to comply with all guidelines set out by the Japanese Government. A summary of these guidelines are:
    1. Wear a mask in public places, indoors, on public transport etc.
    2. Keep your hands sanitized when requested (some shops & restaurants might ask you to do this still)
    3. Maintain physical distance where possible
    4. Avoid crowded areas or closed spaces with poor ventilation
  • Pre-register for Fast Track Service at least 6 hours prior to your flights scheduled arrival time. Visit Japan Web
  • Download the My SOS App and Fast Track service for a smooth entry into Japan.
  • Purchase private travel insurance that covers medical expenses related to coronavirus infection and provides adequate coverage and service.
  • Download your Unique Japan Tours Travel App to allow Instant messaging while on tour in case of any emergencies, if on your own.

3. Our Responsibility to guests

  • Our tour guides and local assistants will be given training on compliance with infection prevention measures.
  • The hotels and restaurants we use will meet safety measurement standards.
  • Our Unique Japan Tours Travel App will be your go-to communications tool while in Japan. Instant messaging to our Tokyo office and your tour leader available while on tour!

4. Precautions taken on-tour

  • Daily temperature checks prior to joining a tour.If you have a high temperature, you will be asked to take a rest.
  • Your tour leader will be requested to ask guests to report any symptoms of Covid-19. If you have symptoms, it is important to notify your tour leader (via your Travel App, phone, or email). We will follow policy laid out by Japanese government.
  • In order to properly identify the range of persons who have come into contact with the virus, we are requested to keep a record of all participating guests movements (including information on facilities used, seat locations on transportation, etc.). For this reason, we must pre-book and reserve all seats on trains, buses, flights etc.

5. Precautions taken after tour

  • We kindly ask guests to report back to us if any member of your group tests positive for new coronavirus infection within one week of your return.

**Upcoming 2022 Guided Trips** eligible for ERFS Certificate

• July 15 Trail by Rail (11 Days – NEW)
• Jul 27 Secrets of the Inland Sea NEW (coming soon / family friendly)
• Aug 9 Trail by Rail (11 Days – NEW)
• Aug 18 Secrets of the Inland Sea NEW (coming soon / family friendly)
• September 05 Japan Discovered (14 Days)
• October 2 Tohoku Trails (13 Days)
• October 05 Japan Discovered (14 Days)
• October 21 Ancient Trails (14 Days)
• October 27 Gardens & Galleries (12 Days)


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