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Japan Travel Companion App

We’re delighted to introduce our new Unique Japan Tours Travel Companion App. Completely free for all Unique Japan Tours clients. This easy to use app is an excellent way to stay organised on your holiday. The app is entirely optional and your holiday will not be affected if you do not have a smartphone or […]

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Journey to the East Travel Talk

Check out our recent travel talk with a guest from Hokkaido talking us through the ‘Journey to the East’ small group tour! This webinar ran through the itinerary of one of our newest small group tours “Journey to the East”. This week-long discovery to the truly unknown and hidden parts of Eastern Hokkaido, featuring Sapporo […]

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Walk in the footsteps of the last Samurai of Japan

Surrounded by scenic mountains, Aizu-Wakamatsu in western Fukushima Prefecture is a bustling former castle town with friendly locals deeply proud of their history and culture. The region is known for its pristine landscapes, quality sake, traditional crafts, and rich samurai history. Enjoy exploring Aizu Wakamatsu’s winding little streets walking in the footsteps of past samurai. […]

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Amami Oshima… A Secret Tropical Paradise!

Japan’s four main islands Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu make up 90% of its territory, however many people forget that Japan is basically one large archipelago of island. 6,852 island to be precise, of which 430 of them are inhabited. If you asked the staff at Unique Japan Tours what is their favourite island (besides the […]

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6 Best Viewing Points of Osaka City

Almost every visitor to Japan wants to check out Kyoto city, but despite being so close, not as many people also take the time to include Osaka city in their travel plans. Osaka is a only 45min local train ride from Kyoto city or a 13min express bullet train ride away, so even if you […]

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7 Reasons to Visit the Sapporo Snow Festival!

The Sapporo Snow Festival is easily one of Japan’s more creative, fun, colourful and entertaining festivals. It has been happening every February (pandemic year aside) since 1950 and has grown year after year to one of Japan’s most visited and looked forward to festivals. The City of Sapporo has 2 million year around inhabitants and yet […]

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Traditional & Tropical Japan – Travel Talk

Andrew and Mizuki run through the unique destinations and experiences that may await you on the Traditional and Tropical Japan small group tour. Andrew and Mizuki-San were joined by John from Amami Ooshima who discussed what the food, drink, music and culture on the tropical island he calls home. John has lived in Japan for […]

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