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4 Michinoku Yosakoi Festival (Sendai)

Top 10 Cultural Festivals in Japan

1) Takayama Spring / Autumn Festival Held twice a year in April & October Takayama Festival in Gifu is set in the Japanese Alps and is one of Japan’s most beautiful festivals. The surrounding mountains Hida Takayama are the backdrop to two festivals at different shrines, one in spring and autumn. The springtime Sanno Festival […]

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Tokyo jezael-melgoza-layMbSJ3YOE-unsplash

Japan’s Roadmap to Reopening

As of yet, there is still no definitive date when Japan will reopen to international travel, however there are promising signs with last week’s announcements about the proposed ending of domestic restrictions. On September 9, 2021 the government announced a plan to assist in the easing of restrictions on travel, dining and public events for […]

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2 Ishigaki

Top 10 Islands to Visit in Japan

1) Amami Oshima Amami Oshima is a tropical island paradise and one of the largest elevated coralline islands in Kagoshima prefecture, close to Yoron yet on a bigger scale. The colourful coral is contained in cobalt seas which surround the dramatic coastlines and lush tropical forests, home to the native Amami rabbit and jay. In […]

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Tokyo Olympics 2020… the one that got away!

THE  SPECTATORS WHO COULDN’T TRAVEL As we look back on the Tokyo Olympics 2020, we have of course mixed feelings. The Japanese government has hoped to welcome over 1 million international visitors to Japan for the Tokyo Olympics. Huge amounts of preparations went underway to make Japan an even easier and more pleasant place to […]

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Experience Traditional Washi Paper Making in Japan

Washi is the light, strong traditional Japanese paper made by hand from the inner-bark fibers of three plants. The name washi literally means “Japanese paper”. Today most paper in Japan is made in large automated mills, but a few hundred families in rural villages continue to make washi in the traditional way. A washi paper-making workshop experience, in the countryside, taught by a family with […]

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10 Unique Japanese Culinary Experiences in Japan

Japan is well known for its unique food culture and incredible selection of restaurants. In the 2021 Michelin Guide rankings, Tokyo is once again leading as the city with the most Michelin-starred restaurants, with over 212 listed in the Michelin directory in Tokyo alone and an incredible 413 different Michelin star ranked restaurants in Japan.  […]

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