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10 Most Popular Sports in Japan

The sporting world is focused on Tokyo right now with the Tokyo Olympics 2020 finally taking place  (albeit over a year late and under continued difficult circumstances). Japan has a history of hosting great sports events before with the 1964 Olympics, the 1972 and 1998 winter olympics, the 2002 Soccer world cup and the 2019 […]

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Thinking About Climbing Mt Fuji?

Besides Mt Everest, Mt Fuji is probably the most well known and certainly the most easily recognisable mountain in the world. Unlike many mountains that form a peak in a range of mountains, Mt Fuji stands alone, a near perfect conical shape that appears to look almost the same from all sides. This is in […]

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Final Countdown to the Tokyo Olympics

The road has been long and winding leading to the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. 1 year late, massively over budget and going ahead despite ongoing worries about low vaccination rates, the games have lost the support of most of the Japanese public who think the timing is still not right. But as the clock ticks down, […]

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Unique Japan Tours Kumano Kodo Nachi falls and pagoda

The Kumano Kodo Ancient Hiking Trails

The below is an excerpt from one of our recent online travel webinars where we were joined by a guest speaker from Japan who happened to be a tourism expert in the Kii Peninsula. Kumano Kodo is an ancient network of pilgrimage trails located in Kii Mountain Range, south to Osaka in Kansai area. The […]

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Gardens and Galleries of Japan

Differences between Western & Japanese Gardens

In this excerpt from our “Gardens & Galleries of Japan” Travel Webinar, our travel guide and Japanese gardening expert Saori tries to outline the differences in style and philosophy behind typical western  and Japanese style gardens. In general Japanese garden tries to reflect the natural landscapes in the countryside, but the western garden cares less […]

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Become a Ramen Expert Online Experience (1) copy

Tokyo Ramen Tours

In late 2020, we hosted a “Taste of Japan” travel webinar with a few special guests including Frank from Tokyo Ramen Tours. Interestingly enough, Ramen is a relatively new dish in Japan, being just over 100 years old. The big four type of ramen include soy sauce ramen, salt ramen,  tonkotsu (pork bones) ramen and […]

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Vamoos Mockup iPhone 11 cropped 980pw

Japan Travel Companion App

We’re delighted to introduce our new Unique Japan Tours Travel Companion App. Completely free for all Unique Japan Tours clients. This easy to use app is an excellent way to stay organised on your holiday. The app is entirely optional and your holiday will not be affected if you do not have a smartphone or […]

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