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Welcome to our Gift Registry Page, a Win-Win Service for both the giver and the receiver.

Tired of receiving unwanted gifts from people, often adding to clutter in your home?

Allow your wedding/party guests, family and friends pay towards your holiday of a life time to Japan. Make their job and party preparations easier by giving them the option.

How it works:

  • Contributions can be any amount and sent from anywhere in the world!!
  • Gifts are processed instantly and securely through our live gift portal.
  • Your booking is automatically updated and an email sent
  • Before you know it, your holiday is paid for!

Get started (Existing Clients):

  1. Copy link below
  2. Take note of your booking reference number (found on any document we have sent you to date)
  3. Use the Lead Passenger Surname (found on your documents, associated with your booking)
  4. Send out to your guest list.

    Give-A-Gift (Contributor):

  5. Click Link Below
  6. Enter the booking reference number & Lead Passenger Surname (if you do not know this, Email or Call us UK: +44 20 3239 2519 or Ireland: +353 1 6787008 to find out)
  7. Follow steps for payment

Online Gift Registry

Download Sample Gift Invitation

Download here

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