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Eating out in Japan

Japanese people are passionate about food – and with good reason! Presentation is outstanding, with a huge range of meat and fish dishes to choose from – most of them quite healthy.

UJT’s Top Tips for Eating Out in Japan:

  • A lot of restaurants specialise in specific dishes – e.g. ramen shops will only have ramen or sushi bars, only sushi. So don’t get caught out expecting large menu’s in these places.
  • You’ll find Izakaya’s – Japanese style pub/restaurants – all over Japan, which will have large menus and are a bit livelier than the smaller fast food style dining options. If possible, ask your guide to recommend one locally to your hotel.
  • Family restaurants (Gusto, Denny’s) will offer all types of dishes suitable for all, in case you are feeling homesick and tired of Japanese food.
  • All department stores (e.g. Isetan, Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya) will have a dedicated floor for restaurants. They tend to be a bit more pricey but quality should be very good and a great selection to choose from on one floor.
  • Most moderately priced restaurants display plastic replicas of their menu which is a help – so if in doubt, look for restaurants with picture displays.
  • Expect to pay 2,000-5,000 JPY per person for dinner and 1,000-1,500 JPY for your lunch.
  • Most salary men/women eat out for lunch so you’ll find 12pm-2pm very crowded in the city centre areas.
  • Whereever you see large office blocks, you’ll find good quality lunch places here at really affordable prices!
  • If dinner is included in your ryokan stay, book a time when checking in. And try not to be late!
  • If you have a special dietary requirement, tell your UJT travel consultant in advance. It is important we notify ryokans in advance as they are not used to these requests from the locals.

Download our eating out tips (PDF)

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