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View your options – from traditional Japanese ryokans to western style luxury.


If you want to experience traditional Japan, then we highly recommend you to stay in a Ryokan. The decor is typical Japanese, you sleep on a futon on the rice straw mat-flooring (tatami), eat traditional food (kaiseki ryouri) and, in most cases, use their public or private onsen (hot spring baths). You can reserve your own private onsen to enjoy with your partner or family members. Or, if you feel like treating yourself, we can arrange a room with your own onsen in it, or on the balcony! Dinner can also be served in your room for that special evening-in.

Prices vary but usually cost from around 15,000JPY per person (standard category) as far as 50,000JPY (or more) in a more luxurious/boutique style ryokan. Breakfast and dinner included.

Minami Ryokan Matsue

Image: Minami Ryokan Matsue


Similar to a local guesthouse, a Minshiku is a family home or a smaller type of ryokan usually offering a more basic meal and facilities. A cheaper option than a Ryokan and remember, owners probably do not speak English. Minshiku’s tend to be used while exploring more rural Japan. Similar to ryokans, you will sleep on a futon on the tatami matted flooring, with traditional Japanese breakfast and dinner served in the public dining area. Prices range from 10,000JPY per person, including breakfast and dinner.

Unique Japan Tours Minshuku Exterior Tsumago Magome

Image: Local Minshuku in Kiso Valley

Japanese Resorts

Bigger than most ryokans and usually have a particular attraction to them, e.g. beaches, mountains (winter/summer sports), Japanese resort hotels are a fabulous distraction from city life, and totally traditional style. They tend to have more restaurants so you won’t just have the choice of eating kaiseki food (normal in most ryokans).

Unique Japan Tours Amami-view-from-hotel-window

Amami Ooshima Bashayama Resort


Hotels are generally of very high standard. Instead of Europe’s star system, they are categorised as Deluxe (5*), Superior(4*), Standard (3*), and Business Hotels (2*). Our aim for all of our clients, no matter what your budget, is to find you clean, comfortable, and centrally located accommodations. If you’re traveling on a self-guided tour, we try to place you in a hotel as close to public transport options as possible. If you are part of one of our small groups, we will choose the best hotel and location for the itinerary we plan. During high seasons in Japan, hotels will cost a considerable amount more. So, if you plan to travel during the Spring or Autumn seasons, we recommend to start planning earlier. This will also allow us choose the best hotel for your itinerary.

  • Boutique Hotels

Small, intimate, quirky, beautifully designed hotels scattered across all of Japan. One of our best loved boutique hotels in Japan is the Hoshinoya brand hotels. These uniquely Japanese style hotels can be considered the perfect balance of traditional Japanese with a western, modern twist. Full of surprises. Calming and very creative.





  • First Class Hotels

Usually part of an international group like Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Mandarin, or Four Seasons. Double or twin rooms cost from 40,000 Yen up! They have everything you desire from secretarial and interpreter services to shopping malls and beauty salons. Compare them to our Western deluxe hotels and you’d probably award them 6 stars.


Okura Heritage Tokyo

Image: Okura Heritage Tokyo

  • Superior Hotels

A bit below first class hotels, a superior hotel is equivalent to a Western 4-5 star. Each hotel has a choice of restaurants, bars and shops, as well as a business centre, English speaking facilities and all the 5 star extras you’d expect. Prices range from 18,000JPY per person sharing (ex. breakfast).

Kanazawa Nikko Hotel

Kanazawa Nikko Hotel

  • Standard Hotels

In terms of facilities and room size, Standard Hotels are a step down from Superior Hotels but they’re ideal for tourist and business travel. Single rooms can be quite small so if you would prefer a double room for single occupancy, please specify. Prices start from 10,000JPY (ex breakfast).

Hotel Vista Kyoto

Image: Hotel Vista Kyoto

  • Business Hotels

Japanese business hotels in Japan work the opposite to business class on airlines. Small, simple, basic bedrooms with fewer facilities, smaller beds, all your essentials catered for but less likely to have English speaking staff. There’s no room service but each floor has vending machines with snacks, drinks and cigarettes. Business hotels are used by Japanese businessmen and women, so they’re generally near train stations. Prices will start from 7,000JPY per room, per night. Breakfast can often be included complimentary.

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